I Could Be Me

I started my blog 6 years ago during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was hosted in South Africa. I wrote, “It is cold. I lit a candle to remind me of the promise of a coming fireplace.” The promise I talked about then truly became a wonderful, real fireplace with a  heartwarming atmosphere and heat that fills our cold bones.

I also wrote, “We will watch a soccer match tonight between Germany and Spain. It has been good so far. We will vuvuzela to the best of our ability. But my vuvuzela goes to Yara, my first granddaughter. You win!”

At first I did not blog as frequently as I intended. Almost three years disappeared somewhere!  As Yara turned 6 this year, I reflected on her life. There are so many facets to her big personality that I could talk about.

I will mention two things about her (apart from saying that she is kind, loving, brilliant, talented, gifted, wise and fun, and that our lives forever are enriched by this girl).

1. She said to me once, “With daddy, mommy and Aaro (her brother), I use my own love to love them. With you, Ouma, I don’t love you with my love. I use YOUR love for me to love you back.” Quite a theology right here.

2. Each year Yara chooses a different theme for her birthday party, like Tinkerbell or The Little Mermaid. This year she announced that the theme would simply be Yara. I could not help thinking how many years it took me to realize that I could be me.

I love this child.

Use my love as much as you want, Yara.

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