There and Back Again

Yes. A new beginning. Again!

I stumbled on the following website via Instagram (@allielousch). Since I find I have a lack of words today, I am sharing another pilgrim’s thoughts, which you can find here.

Thank you @allielousch, for not letting me feel alone and left behind.

His mercies are new every morning.


Creating Beauty

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There is no need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty in and around the world.

By being intentional about taking photos, one can virtually “stock up” on spectacular moments every day! Not only that, but being creative and taking photos can have delightful after effects and bring you to a fairly good state of mind for the rest of the day.

  • take pictures
  • talk pictures
  • see pictures
  • share pictures
  • draw pictures
  • love pictures
  • live pictures

You might love it so much that, as the the Van den Bergs mention in their book Phototips, you could very well start using “building blocks” to start creating images instead of just taking them. It is a whole new way of seeing.

That is where I am right now. I want to use the little knowledge I have now to start building beauty.

Try it.

P.S. All these photos were taken by me in my daily life, and I took them without going out of my way to do so. What might happen if I put in a little more effort?


I am contemplating a year with new superb opportunities, delightful dreams that could come true, marvelous wishes, and numerous answered prayer requests.

With the above, I remind myself that high expectations go hand in hand with challenges. Exhaustion, disappointments, stress, feelings of hopelessness, pains, aches, and possibly tears might all be prevalent. The latter are really actually all part of normal life.

The questions come to mind, Why I should even be surprised by difficulties surrounding my so called successes and accomplishments? How could I imagine arriving at them without effort, diligence, and sacrifices at times? Is it even realistic to have these ‘ambitious’ and hopeful thoughts?

When I look at the past I know that not all is established in a year. I have so many failed goals I set out to succeed with. I have to do lists that are carried forward to each new year. It was liberating to me when my husband reminded me that there is just one day between the last and first day of a particular year. Calendars are there to help us humans stay “programmed” and it is not the end of the world if we did not reach our goals by the end of a year. It is just that: the end of a year. Gloriously, it is also the beginning of a new one. Therefore, I am forever hopeful that at some point I can tick more items off my list. On my website are some of my dreams. I have not reached my set goals in any of these areas. Yet, I found fulfillment in the process. Here they are:

Project 60

There were, however, unexpected and wonderful events. Prayer requests were answered by God in the most creative ways. New friendships were formed and precious times were spent with established and faithful friends. Valuable memories were made with family, wonderful beyond description. I have a greater awareness of God’s presence and involvement in my life and in the lives of those dear to me. My baby daughter got married to the love of her life (this will be featured in another blog). I could not plan or control any of these. Yet it was granted to me. All of this was pure grace.

Then without a doubt, I want to lay down all of my plans before him. I want to please him and want to be used by him on his terms and conditions, without complaining. I want to know him better, as well as what is in my own heart. I want to surrender all and all (my complete list) to his perfect ways. I also want to see what he is doing in the moment and make sure I am there, here, in the moment. After all, it is all that I am sure of. The now. This moment.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. -Isaiah 26.3 NKJV