The more chaotic the world seems, the more I am aware of my need to bring beauty into it. Into my world. Not all is dark and ugly and cruel. It depends on what lens I am looking through. It is astonishing how much beauty is visible in every minute of every day in this world, if one chooses to look through the lens of beauty.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the desire to paint. It was only when I turned 40 that I realized that it was still possible for me to still start painting. Two years before I turned 60, I became more serious about my passion. I have this urge to one day give birth to something extraordinary. At this point I am still waiting for that moment and am mostly giving birth to “Eureka” and “Aha!” moments; however, the process is worthwhile.

I also love photography and am pursuing that as much as my time allows.

In addition to my creative passions, I also have a heart for “left behind” kids. I am involved with Project 60, which focuses on helping out at a local Youth Centre in my hometown. I also work full time at The Word for the World International.

This is about my journey, about the process. It is not about my accomplishments; I am still on my way. I am pursuing my dreams. Someone once said:

“To be meaningful, art must serve, must wash feet, must exist for others.”


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