I am a very privileged grandmother.

My beautiful granddaughter is 7 years old. Ever since she was born, I’ve gotten to spend one full day a week with her. When her brother, my handsome grandson, was born 3 years later, he joined us in this fun day.

Together with the parents, we picked Thursdays to enjoy this incredible gift.

Our days would typically include walking on the beach, visiting museums and various parks, going to the aquarium, going to malls during the wet and windy winters in the Western Cape, painting and other crafts, reading (tons of) books, having deep conversations, baking cup cakes, and eating fun food. At the moment her favourite is sushi and his is noodles. We try not to have ice cream every time but that is easier said than done!

But then our day spilled over into sleepovers, which meant a whole evening added to our time together. With that came breakfast the next day. Early in the morning we start with tea, coffee, and beskuit (rusks), and then follows sort of an English breakfast a bit later.

Last Thursday, my grandson (who just turned four) asked, “Ouma, one day when I have children, will you also come and visit them on a Thursday?” My heart gave a skip and a jump while quickly doing the math. “I do not think so Aaro. Ouma might not be around then. I will be waiting in Heaven for you.”  Yara was the one to reply that she just “heard” from the Lord that I am going to have a very, very long life and that I definitely will be around to visit with their children.

I often wonder about the cycle of life. I would give anything to still have my own oumas and oupas around, as well as my parents. I want to share so much with them and ask them so many questions. I want to show them how beautifully their grandkids have grown up and share life with them. I have the most precious memories of them, but it is now forever too late to be part of our daily lives.  This conversation with Yara and Aaro, and a few other factors, made me aware again of how much one can cling to this life as if it is everything. So much time and effort goes into our temporary existence.

Of course the gift of life is indescribable, don’t get me wrong. We are supposed to live fully while we are alive. We have to give it our all, with resilience and joy, and engaging in life. Life is beautiful.

But there is a better life still. Only when the Key turns and that Door to LIFE opens, will we be fully alive and live forevermore.

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